Recruitment Process Fraud Abusing PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) Name


Related to recent updates on information related to fraud in recruitment process and employee selection process using PT Kaltim Prima Coal name by irresponsible individuals, herewith, we convey and reiterate the following points:

  1. PT Kaltim Prima Coal in conducting our recruitment process never requested any reward in the form of monetary value or in any other form from the selected candidate in our selection process.
  2. PT Kaltim Prima Coal in conducting our employee recruitment process never cooperate with other company/institution/bodies who ask reward in monetary value or in any other forms of rewards from candidates.
  3. In relation to the above information, all payment or transfer requests received in the form of SMS, Email, Telephone, or other communication channels is an effort of fraud by irresponsible individuals.
  4. Information about employee recruitment and selection of PT Kaltim Prima Coal is directly managed by HRD (Recruitment Section), which domiciled in Building M1, Mine Site Sangatta 75611, East Kutai, East Kalimantan.
  5. Announcement on employee recruitment and selection process, including written and oral test invitation shall be conveyed through:
  6. For any questions or to report such fraud described in this document, please contact our Recruitment Section PIC through the following telephone and email details:
  7. PT Kaltim Prima Coal is not held liable to affected parties due to the abuse of the name of PT Kaltim Prima Coal.
  8. We strongly urge to the community to be more aware and careful towards any effort of fraud.