KPC is committed to provide our customers with the best coal and the best service quality. Zero Breach, Zero Contaminant & Zero Reject is not only our motto but has become a ultimate target in product quality and customer service.


Our Promise How We Achieve it
Consistent Quality
  • Provide quality as per contract specification
  • Provide consistent quality shipment by shipment
  • Provide reliable independent surveyor in the loading port
  • 24-hours coal quality assurance management, starting from pit to ship
  • Quality sampling in pit, stockpile, crushers and port
  • Prevent coal self-combustion by applying SOP, chemical, etc
  • Close coordination with coal chain team from pit to ship


Free of Contaminant
  • No Contaminant is sent to the customer
  • Establish SOP Housekeeping in pit, crushing plant, port and ship
  • Install metal detector, magnetic separator, coal screen, and dust suppression in crusher, conveyors, and trestle to prevent contaminant
  • Increase the awareness of KPC employees about zero contaminant principles and efforts
  • Provide technical assistant should any contaminant sent to customer
  • Utilize the most updated version of coal technology


Reliable Delivery
  • On time vessel’s loading time as guaranteed
  • 24-hours ready Port facilities (jetty and trans-shipment) to facilitate vessel loading process
  • Maintain sufficient saleable stock
  • Willingness to understand customers’ situation


  • 24-hour lead time response to all customer’s requirements
  • Key marketing personnel are equipped with communication tools to ensure prompt response to any situations, including after office hours and holidays


  • Having the ability to provide any customer’s requirements
  • Having a multi vessel loading port and facilities (barge to cape)
  • Having various type of quality coal
  • Having sufficient stock of saleable coal of any quality