Messages from Management

The era of disruption and changes in information and communication technology create new challenges for all business, including the mining business. Businesses need to adapt and transform with the new environment by improving the quality of human resources, innovation, adoption of digital technology, and preparation for dealing with changes.

The “More Than Mining” philosophy is KPC’s raison d’être. It is the reasons and purpose of everything we do and what we represent as business entity and as a member of the society. “More Than Mining” represents KPC’s aspiration to be more than just another coal mining company. KPC continues to ensure that the legacy of coal and our operation in Sangatta can provide lasting and sustainable benefits for the people of East Kutai, East Kalimantan, and Indonesia.

In order to maintain the competitiveness of company in mining industry, KPC continues to adapt and change the way it works with digital transformation technology. To carry out digital transformation, company is required to be able to change its business models and develop effective strategies that are able to present the right technological value. The use of smartphones as work tools has become a necessity so that the process is faster, transparent, real-time, and can respond improvement quickly.

Through digitalization, the company will be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s operations so that it can always be competitive in facing the changing of coal mining business condition. KPC must be able to adjust technological developments to understand and meet changes in digital technology. Digital transformation will change the business model, mindset, and work culture. Any existing business, including mining, will experience disruption in the digital age. Digitalization will help companies to grow and optimize company operations. Therefore, in mid-2019, KPC launched the Membara Digitalization Project in response to these challenges going forward.

In 2019, KPC again received various appreciations from various parties such as the Subroto Award from the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, Green Rating of Company Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management 2018-2019 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Sutalaksana Award in PEI (Indonesian Ergonomics Association) 2019 Award, Tax Compliance Company from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Gold Rank in 2019 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating, 11 awards in 2019 Indonesian CSR Award, 8 awards in 2019 Indonesian Mining Award, and the Best Corporate Social Responsibility in CNBC Indonesia Award 2019.

All awards were the result of harmonious collaboration between KPC and all its stakeholders so that the company could provide the best for the Republic of Indonesia. For this reason, we would like to thank all our stakeholders for the support given to KPC’s operations. We believe that good communication and cooperation will be able to maintain and improve the performance of this company even in difficult times.

We hope that the conditions next year will improve. We should not let our guard down with all the achievements, especially due to the unstable coal price movement that will be a challenge. We also have to do the right anticipation and adaption to run all new regulations set by the government. To face the challenges ahead, we must maintain and even improve various improvement efforts, increase work productivity, and efficiency efforts.

Related to the Covid-19 pandemic faced by the whole world, various efforts have been made by KPC to protect all employees and their families and the community around KPC work environment. Postponement of business trip, the enactment of health protocols related to Covid-19, and the provision of necessary facilities related to the prevention of Covid-19 have been carried out. Moreover, KPC also provided assistance and support to the central, province and Kutai Timur Government in tackling this pandemic. Assistance has been provided in the form of personal protective equipment for medical personnel, Covid-19 rapid test equipment, masks, ventilator, thermo guns, as well as basic needs for the Kutai Timur communities affected by this pandemic.

We hope that this pandemic can end soon so that we can carry out our daily activities as before. We again urge all KPC employees to always be ready to face all possibilities and support the management’s improvement efforts. We are confident that with our determination and joint efforts, we can get through this dynamic and challenging situation well.