Quality Assurance

Coal Technology: Zero Breach, Zero Reject

KPC acknowledges that customer is an essential component in the formula of sustainability. KPC’s reputation as a reliable coal-mining company is build upon customers’ trust. Therefore, we are committed to always providing the best product quality, customer service, technical assistance and after-sales service to each customer.

KPC established Coal Technology Department who specifically focused on Coal Quality and Quantity Management and Technical Marketing Coal Quality Management is an integral part of all KPC operations. Targets have been established for coal quality management that include:

  • Optimizing Production and Demand Schedules
  • Optimizing the resource, and
  • Ensuring all deliveries to Customers are within specification

KPC Coal Technology provides Technical Assistance to End User Customers for Coal Handling and Combustion and is actively involved with Customers to ensure that Coal Quality meets their requirements and at the same time comply with the applicable Standard Operating Procedure and International Shipping Regulation.